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MuseLAB is an end-to-end design studio; offering a bespoke and leading-edge approach to design. With a precise focus on unique and highly customized environments, interiors and furniture. In 2012 partners Huzefa Rangwala and Jasem Pirani founded the studio built upon their shared passion for design. Each space and or product embodies integrity and is created with the same care, skill and attention to detail.





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MuseMATTERS: Digital Imaging In Architecture


Digital rendering is an extremely effective medium enabling architects, clients and investors to envision a structure before it is even built. Presenting a design idea to a client can be equally challenging as the design process itself.  In recent times, computer generated images and renderings have played an extremely pivotal role in architectural presentations. While renderings can provide strikingly accurate depictions of buildings, are architects being true with these depictions? How much creative liberty can an architect take to convey the design idea? These questions are highly subjective, and whether we agree or disagree, stylized renderings have been an integral part of the architectural profession including competitions and commissions. 

Architectural renderings range from being sketchy and conceptual to photorealistic. Of the infinite rendering styles, the images below represent some contrasting styles of rendering. 

(L) Blackout at dusk.  Image courtesy  (R)   Menacing Atmosphere.  Image courtesy Urban Future Organization and CR-Design

(L) Blackout at dusk. Image courtesy (R) Menacing Atmosphere. Image courtesy Urban Future Organization and CR-Design

Dreamy echoes of light. Image courtesy Bustler, Joseph Filippelli 

Dreamy echoes of light. Image courtesy Bustler, Joseph Filippelli 

Photorealistic textures.  Image courtesy

Photorealistic textures. Image courtesy

Underlying stories.  Image courtesy BIG. 

Underlying stories. Image courtesy BIG. 

Informal collages.  Image courtesy Alex Hogrefe.   

Informal collages. Image courtesy Alex Hogrefe.  

Urban Abstracts.  Image courtesy Alex Hogrefe

Urban Abstracts. Image courtesy Alex Hogrefe

Creating an image that accurately represents the design requires a substantial skill set and investing a great amount of time perfecting it. 3D renderings are often inspired from architectural photography. In creating the perfect rendering that represents the design, some thumb rules of photography should be considered while modeling and rendering the structure. Three of these guides have been illustrated below.



Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

In recent times, renderings and stylized representation of buildings have become hyper-idealistic images and are in itself a form of art. The degree of perfection attained in a computer generated image can never be achieved in reality. Thus, the two-dimensional graphic representation of architecture has, traditionally, been the precursor or subsequent by-product of architecture — but never a substitute. A two-dimensional image may never be able to communicate the experiential qualities of a three-dimensional space. A digital image may be a powerful artistic or theoretical conception, but it is far from reality. 

Muse MATTERS is a series of dialogues that as a studio we shall engage in– the purpose of the dialogues is for the studio to discuss matters, ask questions, share lessons learnt and may be in the process we can make a difference. Topics discussed shall not be restricted to the field of architecture and design necessarily; they could be about an experience, a journey, a comic strip and anything in between or beyond. We will use this space to share our thoughts and blurbs.